Why am I wasting time blogging?

waste time bloggin

Why am I blogging? Especially on 2020.

Nowadays blogging is a little bit challenging, compare to ten years before. As we know, reading require imagination. On the other side, the trend is to serve fairies through images as Instagram, SnapChat or Tik Tok are doing.

Frankly, we have to admit that it is better to watch the talker as provide us YouTube. For me it is one of the main reason why YouTube is great media and also why appearance count so much there.

Beyond these, through pictures or videos, we can associate to words a body language. This body language, in many cases, complement so well the words and add a plus. So it’s quite pleasant to watch the person who are talking, especially when you just want to entertain yourself and multitasking.

Despite all of that, I’m still there blogging. Why?

First, let me share you that I like visiting blogs. At the very beginning my favorites was Cocoon and Psycholat. I recently found Audrey à la mode and Best of D blogs.

Before I forgot. Let me confess you that I’m also a huge fan of my blogs. I find them cute (don’t you think so?). Lol! Seriously, about my blog’s design It’s not exactly true. Actually I’m never satisfied more than 7 months. So, let me enjoy and show off a bit (until I found myself bored of them). I also like to re-read some of the published articles. Globally I do really enjoy being there!

Now on a more serious note, 4 reasons why I’m still blogging.

  • Mostly because I’m afraid to forget all my stupid ideas. What a cool place to keep them all and share them with you!
  • Blogging keep me creative. I frequently strive to find words, good words, colours, polices, titles… It also require me to structure how I have to market my articles. While I’m blogging, I’m creating.
  • I have great Ghostwriters. Chokolayte is not the same since they are there; especially the very first one of them. You’re all amazing and super talented!! (I’m not chasing you, but I can’t wait to read you on your own place, why not on a book?)
  • Finally, because I have a beautiful community of readers and friends, who are constantly supporting the blog.

Blogging is not the trend, or at least not as it used to be; but with every single paper, I choose to stay there to enjoy myself.

The 5 most important things when you are blogging (according to me)

  1. The quality of your content. Can we learn something or feel concerned with your topics? Are your ideas a bit structured? For instance on Chokolayte, people are keen of Love topics, especially when they have been tackled with sincerity.
  2. The quality of your home place. How user friendly is your website ? Do not hesitate to visit many blogs to get inspiration.
  3. Your writing pattern. If you have a given talent, thank God! If not, It can be trained.
  4. How far are you able to follow-up the trends and in the same time keep safe the spirit/the DNA of your platform?
  5. Most important : consistency. That is whole challenge itself. I can say more; if not I will dig into that in an entire article about it). Dear all « consistency » is key!

I guess I don’t have to mention it; but in case, Your driver: Passion!

If you really have fun when your’e blogging, with one or one thousand followers you will be great and you will enjoy yourself. If not, challenges could sometimes seem impossible to overcome.

Should I create a collection of articles about blogging? Would it be interesting or useful for you? If so, please tell me in the comment section.


As I said before, my english articles are all row. I intentionally avoid using a translator or a dictionary; as it already was in my prior article. Writing like that is a kind of therapy for me. Are you wondering why? Let me know in the comments.

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