Learning by doing (Part 1)

This article is a message from my heart to my motivation. I do really love English but making mistakes, especially in grammar, afraid and demoralize me a lot. Every single mistake for me is a step back. But a few weeks ago, I watched this video of Mr Leo called ‘ Toujours plus haut’. It’s this kind of video where we just have music and lyrics they call it ‘lyrics vidéo’ (for more clik there). I was wondered by the number of french’ grammar mistakes over there; and then inside me a voice asked me, « why are you so rude with them, they even start from somewhere, and you though? » In two years I’m certain that their French knowledge will be improve only because they are trying. Like the producers of Mr Leo’ video, I’m trying today. 

Long story short this article is not okay for me, I am very ashamed because I know that  here we will find out a lot of mistakes. But I want to try! I hope one day I will write in English much more better but for now please be kind with me and let me dealing with my limited vocabulary to write you short english articles again soon.


For my first English’ article, I have chosen the topic of learning/failing (cause learning is failing) not to explain you that we are not loosing something when we are trying, but to give you an exemple of the power of practicing, exercising, doing something even if we seem not good as we can expect at the first sight.

The perfect illustration is the film industry Nollywood. Started around 90′, Nollywood is the name of the film industry of Nigeria, currently ranked a second largest film industry in the world (more).

If you are a huge fan of its movies as I am, you know that the very first movies was not good at all, sometimes, eventually, the storyline was original and representative of the situations that occurring in Nigeria and in Africa (betrayal, witchcraft, ritual sacrifice, love, poverty etc..). There was a bit cool and mostly funny.

Surprisingly, in 2019, we can observe a great progression, regarding the quality of the movies. For instance we have the masterpiece « Lion Heart » of Genevieve Naji (Trailer).

I’m proud of Nollywood! Because I’m fully aware of the fact that they are coming from so far. Indeed, everything is not perfect yet (not at all), it still a lot of things that could be enhance but the improvements are already tangible though. My conviction is that in the few years, the Nollywood we all know now will be out-dated, in fact we will have more innovations, we will have a better version of 2019′ Nollywood due to the fact that ‘they constantly learning by doing’.

Also, for me Nollywood is the proof that my dear, if you want to make great things or enter in this new job or field, don’t feel afraid to start from de bottom, maybe at the beginning the outcomes will not be good as you want, your target will seems unreachable but just keep in mind that we all have to start from somewhere.

Sometimes our desire to construct beautiful and ‘perfect’ things are a brake for our mind. Then, when we realize that achieving X or Y, requires sacrifices, means and knowledge that we don’t have yet, instantly we feel demoralized and we just choose to resign or to postpone our project.

My advice is, my friend, start from somewhere, choose only one example, an athlete, an entrepreneure or an industry (like Nollywood is a model for me). Take it as your own mental mentor and when you want to left up, just remind you all the steps that your mentor as Nollywood had been through to succeed. Maybe at the beginning your achievements will be very perfectible, improvable, anyway start!

Agree or not? Please let me a comment..


It was Emmanuelle for Chokolayte


For more about Nollywood:   Canal, Netflix, StarTimes… Pourquoi se ruent-ils tous vers Nollywood 



6 commentaires

  1. Little steps will lead to great results. So far the vocabulary is good, the sentences are pretty understandable. More efforts on the grammar.. If not your on the right track continue learning by doing


  2. You are right. Your English is not perfect yet, but it is very understandable. I understood each of your sentences and most importantly, the message behind. Congratulations on this step you made.
    Hopefully, we will get to read more interesting articles with better grammar in the years to come.

    Do not hesitate to contact anglophone people you know when you are unsure of how something is said or done (grammar, and syntaxes).



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